Tooling Development

Bardane provides assistance through early involvement at the development stage. We are able to provide casting considerations and options consistent with customer demands. Prior to the tooling build stage, Bardane can provide support for rapid prototyping of aluminum or zinc parts. All tooling is designed using 3D solid modeling, aiding in complete component construction and detailing. This helps reduce build lead-times and facilitates replacement or repair in the future.

For critical quality requirements, such as porosity-free castings, we provide assistance through mold flow analysis. The entire gating and metal feeding system is designed and analyzed using advanced computer simulation software. This helps to avoid casting problems by predicting the metal flow, filling characteristics, and solidification of the material. It allows design improvements to be incorporated during the build process, eliminating the expense and time lost in changes made after the tooling is completed.

Following the engineering phase of development, Bardane monitors the die cast tooling construction process through continual communication with our certified tooling suppliers. Our customer is provided with timeline charts throughout the die making process

Once die construction is complete, the customer is given a complete set of drawings, along with a tooling guarantee once sample parts are approved. A tooling packet containing steel certifications, heat treat certification, and a complete set of CAD files is provided to the customer as part of each tooling package. 

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