Bardane specializes in full dies as well as modular tooling for quick set-up of both short and long runs. Our innovative internal structure allows us to be competitive with off-shore pricing, and also allows us to accommodate any size production run, from as few as 50 pieces to quantities exceeding 1,000,000. Castings requiring inserts of another material, such as aluminum, steel, copper or bronze are also commonly produced by Bardane. Process monitoring with Visi-Trak® equipment, as well as strict adherence to ISO-certified Process Control and Monitoring Procedures ensures dependable repeatability of the casting process. 34 Hydraulic Trim Presses ranging from 1 to 75 tons, including both Tie-Bar and C-Frame designs are used to degate and trim the casting parting line after production. Well-constructed trim dies, built to close tolerances mean that many die castings will require no further finishing or machining operations.

Aluminum Die Casting

For the production of aluminum alloy die castings, Bardane utilizes 19 cold chamber die casting machines ranging from 450 to 1200 lockup tons which are able to produce castings up to approximately 25 lbs. The standard alloys cast at Bardane are 360, 380, 383, and 413. We have the flexibility to handle other alloys upon request.

Zinc Die Casting

For the production of Zinc alloy die castings, Bardane uses 7 hot chamber die casting machine from 150 to 450 lockup tons which are able to produce castings up to approximately 12 lbs. Our hot chamber machines have the flexibility to handle Zamak #3, & ZA-8 alloys.


There are 8 CNC Vertical Machining Centers, 3 CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, and 6 CNC lathes, provide milling drilling, tapping, countersinking, boring and reaming functions and are capable of achieving +/- .0005" tolerance 

Conventional machine tools, including Single Drill Presses, Gang Drill Presses, Tapping Heads, Multiple Drill Heads, Lead Screw Tapping Machines, Sanders, and Lathes are also utilized for the machining of die castings. 


Bardane provides a variety of finishes: ceramic, plastic or stone vibratory, stainless steel burnishing, and stainless or steel shot blast finishing. With our wide assortment of vibratory de-burring and shot blasting equipment we are able to satisfy any surface finishing needs. 
In addition, we have established relationships with well-qualified suppliers for powder coating, electro-static painting, anodizing, zinc, copper & nickel plating, and heat treat/stress relieving.

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